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Interior Designs 2011healthy baby happy parents2011 Home Interior Design Tips And Trends With Home Decoration With Modern Design. Trends are often considered the pieces you buy one year and throw out the next, when they’re no longer gracing the pages of your favorite shelter magazine. Although not every trend is fleeting, for example, going green was hailed as one of the hottest trends. Now it is becoming a standard throughout the design industry. Today, survey is made to gather the top tips and trends in interior design for 2010. Retail design for businesses has also been considered.

Home is where the heart is – that is the basic concept underlying all home décor techniques. Your home is not just a brick-and-mortar “shelter”; it is a place for social animals to show off our personalities. From floors to ceilings, wall panels to tiles, furniture to carpets and color choices to lighting, every element speaks out who you are. Home décor is our way of portraying ourselves in our surroundings, a way of making our house, home.

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Healthy Babies, Happy Parentshealthy baby happy parents It is also important to note that the positive effects of massage on the baby translate to important benefits for parents as well.

  • Research indicates that massage and other forms of stimulation can help an infant become better organized, that is, learn how to move from one state, such as crying, to another state, such as drowsiness, this ability is essential for an infant to cope with the stress of new experiences.
  • If infant massage fosters more consistent patterns of sleep, it also appears to improve the quality of sleep i.e. quiet sleep following massage. This implies that an infant will be better rested following massage and therefore less fussy or cranky, making parenting a more enjoyable experience.
  • Moreover, massage has shown to improve the parent – infant relationship, helping parents relax and communicate with their children, grow more confident in their care giving skills, and become more sensitive to their infants’ needs. Infants, in turn, become more responsive to their parents.

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